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Preferences Script Overview



  • Rebecca Rae Dixon

    If I decide to change my background color from red to blue halfway through my work, I have to open up that preferences dialog and check the box next to Colour (#2), click OK, then wait for the change to be applied in InDesign correct? It doesn't just change automatically, if I change the color in FileMaker.

    I also have to get over my OCD, and NOT clear overrides in the Object Styles pallet as well, in order to for file maker to dictate the color background in InDesign, correct?

  • SignAgent Support

    Hi Rebecca,

    You're correct on both items. The new colour will change on a sign if you adjust its sign type, but for it to be applied globally, just run the Preferences script one more time with the correct options applied.

    And yes, you'll have to leave the overrides un-cleared in the Object Styles pallet for FileMaker to work its magic.

    Hope this clears things up!


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